This Boy I Once Knew

Over the weekend, while packing, I ran across a poem my then-boyfriend sent me, senior year of high school, all about how he’d always be there for me. He was a great guy— someone who saw a lot in me at a time when most people couldn’t see the real me. He could see a future for us, and though I loved him, I wasn’t in love with him, and I didn’t want to take advantage. I’ve been pretty ruthless about getting rid of things while packing, but I think I had the good sense to keep that one.

We’ve found each other again and again over the years, but since his marriage, I’m careful about how deep into the conversation we go.

Today, I found out he was diagnosed with cancer that has spread both to his lungs and liver. He’s starting his fight against it. He’s been married with kids for well over a decade— we’re only peripherally in each other’s lives, but it’s a sad thing to think of him in this situation. There’s very little I could do that would be appropriate, beyond hoping and praying that they can beat it. And being sad for this boy I once knew.

3 thoughts on “This Boy I Once Knew

  1. All you can do is celebrate whatever relationship you did have; be thankful that your paths crossed, and hope/pray for the best for him. Once you have a good perspective on that, then consider your own life. That could be you in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years! These are golden opportunities (reality checks) which highlight the fact that none of us are immune to sickness. If there is any “unfinished business” in your past, or if you have always wanted to ……………….. (whatever), now would be a good time to move on those things. 🙂

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