Let the Adjusting Begin!

The move draws ever nearer, and it’s becoming clear that mom is not looking forward to living with my pets. She’s kind of a silent partner in buying the house— she’s providing significant funding, but her name isn’t on the paperwork, so she’s not getting invited to things. So I invited her to the closing. The dog and the male cat and I will be staying with her while things are up in the air. She asked me yesterday “will we bring the dog?”

To a business meeting, in the hottest part of July, where we’d need to leave him in the car? “Um, no. If you don’t want him left alone in your place, then you have to stay with him, because I actually have to be there to sign things.”

Then we got invited to do a walkthrough the day before closing. “Yes, I’d like to be there. Would we bring the dog?” At least this one happens at the house he’ll be living in, and the current owners moved out awhile ago. He’s really a good dog, who will mostly sit there and quietly freak out at being outside without me. So we’re bringing the dog.

I get it, with the female cat. She’s stressed out by the chaos and is peeing places she shouldn’t. I get why my mom doesn’t want to cope with that. I’m boarding her during the move, because I get it so much. Hairball season plus stress-peeing makes her officially worth paying professionals to deal with, even though I hate to send her into exile while the boys and I all hang together.

I think we’re going to have to have a conversation about “you know that you’re going to have to let the dog in the house sometimes when I’m not there, right? You can’t just ignore him for nine hours a day.” If he were a behavior problem, I would get it, but he’s very mellow. He’s used to hanging out quietly on or near his bed. He doesn’t pee (or poop) inside the house. He doesn’t jump on the furniture. Occasionally, he’ll eat one of my shoes, but that’s about it. He seldom barks. He’s pretty good about keeping his little halo both straight and shiny. So hopefully, it’s just one of the many adjustments we’ll face in the next little while, and one we can work through just fine.


2 thoughts on “Let the Adjusting Begin!

  1. The reality (to me) is it will workout fine because it has to. If she forces you to choose between her and your canine buddy …………………………… ! Anybody who positions themselves between me and Ray would not like the direction that I would take. I love that guy! 🙂

    • Mom tends to start from a position of overwhelm, and then realize that she can handle things. I think that’s mostly what this is. I think once she’s spent a little more time with him, she’ll realize that he’s not quite as challenging in real life as he is in the abstract. I don’t think it should come down to any kind of a showdown, because I love and have committed myself to both of their welfare.

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