Descent into Chaos

We’ve reached the point in the move I hate the most— the point where I’ve started on packing in every area, everything is out and nothing’s quite done. I’ve packed several boxes, and I’ve accomplished many things, but every room still has those things I haven’t gotten around to yet.

It’s exhausting and chaotic. I think what I hate most are the false-starts of it all. I’m going to pack that, oh wait, I guess I shouldn’t do that until I do this other thing over here and great, the dog needs to go out again, and holy crap I had better call ____ before they close, and where is that number?

I don’t even think I’m doing things wrong. For example, I’ve had two or three boxes between my bed and dresser for at least a week. The boxes are partially filled. I could throw some stuff in the boxes and fill them, but the truth is that I know what goes in those boxes, and it’s stuff I’ve been setting aside downstairs. I need to bring that stuff up, and then I can seal those boxes. In the meanwhile, they’re a great barrier to keep the dog from eating the cats’ food. Most of what I’ve packed, I feel really good about. I have a few things still hanging in the closet that I’m not likely to wear this week— they’ll get packed tonight along with most of the hangers and shoes and bags, then I’ll throw together a bag for this week from what’s left over before the packers come on Wednesday. When I focus on the micro, this is actually going pretty well. But at the macro level, it’s armageddon. Which is, needless to say, stressful.

I think this might be where it might help to have a partner— one of you stays focused on the micro, one of you works at the macro, and maybe you don’t have to keep telescoping back and forth all the time.

On the one hand, I’m excited by the idea that there are fewer than 48 hours until the house is empty. On the other hand, the idea of that is a little on the terrifying side, because what are the odds that I’ll actually be ready?! I guess I’m hoping for them to come in the late afternoon, so I am sure I’ve done all I can to keep the amount of time they spend loading contained. I have to pay for two hours, no matter what, but it would be great if it only took them two hours to load, because their hourly rate is pretty hefty. If it doesn’t take them long to load my place, it’s also less likely that it will take them longer to unload it, and their weekend rates are even heftier.

I think this is “what’s next” territory. Don’t stand helpless pondering how you’ll get it all done, do the thing you know how to do and then do the thing you need to do after that, and the thing after that, and odds are good that when you run out of things you know how to do, there won’t be much left. I’ve moved sixty kabillion times before— it’s not like I haven’t figured out how to pack things.

I think the thing I haven’t figured out how to do is how to wrap it all up before I have a place to put my new stuff. My pattern is to get into the new place, settle a little, and then go back and wrap up loose ends and clean at the old place. I think that’s what I’m worried about— I can’t go back, when I have time, after the movers leave, and make five car trips with odds and ends that didn’t make sense in the boxes I had. How will I get it all settled before I can actually settle anything?


So what do you think?

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