July Is Trying to Kill Me

I don’t know what I ever did to July, but as has become common over the last few years, it’s clearly coming after me with a vengeance. A few years ago, I got really sick in July and entered a dance with the medical establishment I won’t soon forget. The next year, I had a bit of pretty heavy family drama. I think it was a relatively uneventful month last year, but this year, with the sale and the purchase of a house, we’ve got plenty of failure points. On Friday, I had finalized plans for the move, mom had finalized plans, we had started to arrange for utilities, etc. My buyer’s agent let me know he thought closing would be delayed on the place I am buying, because the seller hadn’t found someone to make the extensive roof repairs that have been deemed necessary. I tried not to freak out, but I could sense the whole thing falling apart at the finish line— my moving costs were going to spiral out of control, we were going to have to reschedule my mom’s move after she’d reached an arrangement for her landlord— it was hard not to freak.

Then, my lender and I were talking about the amount of my mortgage loan. We forecast the loan two ways, one in case I needed it before I sold my place and the other in case I sold my place in time. She said “oh, I’ll use the smaller amount,” but I got more for the house (and owed less on the house) than I thought, and I think I’ll actually need even less. I gave her my numbers, and we ended up in kind of a strange and unproductive conversation about it. I sent my last email from my car, in the parking garage, before I left work Friday.

Then, I started my car, and the “Check Engine” light came on. I drove directly to the mechanic, who was kind enough to let me know he didn’t think it was a big deal, didn’t charge me, and told me what to do if it came back on again. I went home, ate some lunch quick (thank God I’m learning) and walked the dog, where I found evidence of blood in his stool for the second day in a row. So I took him to the vet, where, a couple of hours later, we left with ulcer meds and a course of antibiotics.

Pause for gratitude: Both my mechanic and my vet worked me in on no notice on a Friday afternoon, saving me at least a trip to the emergency vet. There’s a reason I keep working with them after years each. Also, while I was at the vet, the realtor called and the closing doesn’t look like it will have to be delayed, after all. Other notable favorite people walking the earth: a few friends came over and helped me get packing underway yesterday. We made great progress and they went pretty far out of their way to help, so if karma has any questions for me about them, their karma ought to be pretty sterling at the moment.

The check engine light did come back on and I’m going to get it addressed with my next Friday afternoon “off”. The dog still has blood in his stool (even more). It’s pretty upsetting, but the vet says that we should keep on with the meds for now, and if it continues after his meds end in a little more than a week, we’ll revisit it. That should bring me almost to the end of this month. And I’m going to have to hope August is more on my side.


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