Struggling with Worthiness

Things are starting to come together with the houses. Inspection resolutions have been reached, appraisals approach. I have an idea about the timing of things and how I want to approach the move and things. This weekend is a little strange, because I have a lot to do, but I need to make the house presentable for the appraiser, so I can’t pack in a way that will make the place look cluttered etc. so I’m mostly cleaning and planning. I’ve done a home inventory, after several years. I was going to do some touch-up painting, but I hate to go too far in that direction, because I feel like I’ll just have to do it again in a couple weeks. So I want to go out tonight and hear a friend play, but I feel guilty for not working harder. I know it’s a bit of a red herring, because I have worked plenty hard until now and will work even harder after this, and a break could be a sensible strategy, but my logic isn’t changing my emotions about it…

I’m going, don’t get me wrong, it’s just an odd corner I’ve painted myself into.


2 thoughts on “Struggling with Worthiness

  1. You need to go out and do things like this. I believe it recharges your energy even more than sleep does! 🙂 I’m glad to hear that things are coming together with the houses, too!

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