One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

So as I’ve mentioned, it’s a busy time. Getting the house ready for market is keeping me more than a little frazzled.

Sunday, I went to my hardware store’s appliance section. I realized that I hadn’t measured the built-in microwave before I got there, but asked the clerk to sell me the least expensive one that matches the other appliances, and asked him how I was likely to get it wrong. Seriously— like, how do people usually get this wrong and have to start over, and we’ll assess the risk that I’ll get it wrong.

I explained my situation, and he said he thought it was likely that the one I picked out would work. But I promised to go home and measure it, if he gave me the specs when we did the transaction. I also picked up a globe for my porch light, which shattered in a particularly violent hailstorm last fall. The (different from the appliance guy) guy told me he thought I needed a smaller globe, but they didn’t sell a smaller globe, so I bought that one and hoped for the best.

I also snagged some flowering plants to jazz up my place’s curb appeal and a door-pull to replace one that fell out so many times I eventually gave up.

You guessed it— neither the microwave nor the globe work. I have to special-order a microwave, which will take forever to arrive and be installed, and return the globe and get something that will actually fit my porch light.

The appliance guy couldn’t believe I’d just buy one, without knowing it would work. And I get it— now I have to go back and exchange it and it’s kind of a headache. But my microwave has been broken for almost seven years, and I just mentioned the porch light has been out about nine months. At a certain point, I just had to take the step forward, even if the two steps back was something of a foregone conclusion, given how little information I brought with me when I stepped. I know how to recover from these two steps back, but I needed something to bust me out of the inertia of where I was. So I’m calling it a win.


One thought on “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

  1. The appliances fitting is a pet peeve of mine. I mean, obviously they have to fit, but I’m always asking my husband many times if he measured and will it fit and so on. When we got our new fridge a few years ago, while he admitted to measuring the space and the height….he did not measure our doorways to see if there was a way to get it into our house. It seems like even if you prepare, there’s always something else.

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