Ego Boost

Remember the cute guy I met walking my dog last week? I’ve bumped into him a couple of times since then, and nothing remarkable, but this morning, I was trying to persuade the dog to go inside and not make me late for work despite how much more fun it is to roll in the wet grass in the sunshine, and T suddenly got very alert, the way he does when there’s another dog around. Sure enough, when I turned around, the guy and his pup were approaching. The dogs played a little, we chatted a little, and then he headed off.

This is normally when I flub things. We’ve met, there’s been a spark of possibility that I’d like to encourage, but I get embarrassed and don’t say anything that indicates interest, or I start stammering awkwardly. This time I said “have a good day! It was nice to see you, again.” Which, looking back, was exactly what I would have wished I said. Casual, warm without being overly committal. An opening, if he’s looking for one, neighborly if he’s not. And he said “you look nice today!” Which was also perfect. He didn’t lead with that, or make it seem like I needed to explain or defend it (nothing to defend, really— I was dressed for work, and with a couple of meetings today, I’m wearing a skirt and a little cardigan over a sleeveless blouse.) I said “Thanks!” but inside my head, fireworks started.

What he couldn’t have known is that I was feeling a little nervous about it— I like color, and my skirt is many hues of red and orange and pink, and the blouse is navy and the sweater is white crochet. I worry that it’s a little busy, or possibly a little juvenile. But the whole thing makes me happy— bright, sunshiney colors, and I feel like the navy blouse is a responsible, but not predictable, conservative element, and the white sweater is more interesting (and a better shape for the outfit) than the slouchy navy sweater I also considered. I felt better after his compliment— ready to own my bold style choice.

Nothing definitive, but wouldn’t it be handy if I didn’t have to go looking for romantic possibility? If it just moved into the neighborhood and kept bumping into me?


3 thoughts on “Ego Boost

  1. Yes it would be nice if it were that easy ……… and it may be! Just don’t “sell yourself out” and conform to perceived expectations. It is important that if you like to wear multi colors (e.g.), then you continue to wear multi colours. It is not up to you to change, but up to him to accept (you for who you are). Of course you also have to be accepting of his quirks and idiosyncrasies. All the best! 🙂

  2. I am 1. still trying to catch up on some reading and 2. still having difficulty figuring out why I can’t like and/or comment on certain blogs.

    An ego boost is always a nice way to start the day! 🙂

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