Wild, Wild, Wild

Sorry for more radio silence. I warned you May was going to be crazy. It might not even be over, but we’re working on it.

I had kind of a unique experience, this year. Early in the new year, I suggested that a friend and I go see the movie “Wild.” My friend hiked the Appalachian Trail many years ago, and I thought it might be fun to go with someone who could speak to the experience. And it was fun. And my friend, who wasn’t that into it before the movie was really into it afterward. We agreed that we were interested in reading the book, and we could read it and talk about it. So I put it on my list at the library, but then the friend got busy and by the time she let me know that she was reading it, she was halfway through. So I bought it, and read it on my business trip.

It was good— I’d say I enjoyed it, but less than the movie. I didn’t feel like it was exceptionally well written— an interesting story of an incredible experience, cathartic, but not life-altering (for me) in the way that other “woman’s epic journey” stories have been. And then, last week, the audiobook came through on the library. And I didn’t really feel like I needed to read it again, but I’m kind of too distracted to stop long enough— it got swept into my frenzy. So I finished the audiobook last night on my way back from an out-of-town evening.

What surprised me was how many things I had missed, from experience to experience. I had the expectation of certain plot points and highlights, but the third time through, I found things that I’d been looking for in the other two experiences— questions I had asked myself again and again.

So what does this add up to? I think maybe, during a busy time, entire chapters of books bounce right off me. My internal monologue gets too loud and my eyes pass over the page but the words don’t get through. It’s a little disturbing, but good to know.

And I finish this with the dog whining to go out— hear one of the cats upstairs, and realize that the other cat has been cuddling with me, without my awareness, for like an hour.

Maybe a nap, for me.


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