Quick Hello

Hope this finds you well! I’m a little radio silent because things are busy, but not because I’m not thinking of you, beloved readers. The end of this week starts an extremely busy month or so, for me, professionally and personally, but I’ll try to catch things up here before I go. Some things to look forward to: “Les Mis” at my favorite community theater. I’m thinking that it will mostly be a meditation on how you see yourself in different works as you encounter them throughout your life. Spoiler alert: I encountered myself as Eponine in this production, much to my shock and dismay.

Also, I took some great pics of the pup at physical therapy, so that you can get a sense for the continuing saga, there.

Grey area guy is back in earnest. I haven’t gotten an apology, but I have gotten a “your friendship is more important than [my need to push an issue on which you’re not currently giving ground],” which is, I suspect, as good as it’s going to get from him. I continue to try not to water that plant.

I finished reading a book last week and saw a movie over the weekend— it’s possible that I’d choose to write about one or both of those things— I think it will just be a bandwidth thing. But don’t give up on me. At the end of the month (not the calendar month, four weeks from now when the busy might start to ebb), I think I’ll be back with cool Alaska pics, stories of my adventures, and hopefully lots of writing that I did on vacation, to share. And since I’m speaking aspirationally, I’ve decided that, despite the odds, I could meet a single, heterosexual, age-appropriate man onboard the ship or possibly a Canadian mountie, during our short stay in Canada, and I can tell you all about our whirlwind romance and elaborate plans for happily-ever-afters.

What?! It could happen!


2 thoughts on “Quick Hello

  1. To answer the question above this Comments box “So what do you think?” – I think that you should stop watering “that plant” completely which should encourage it to find a new flower bed(?) somewhere else. I can’t help but think that his need of “friendship” is very suspect. Either he is “playing the game” as he sees it, or he actually believes it. Based on your past comments, I would have to conclude that if the latter is correct, then he is totally out of touch with his own wants/needs/desires. Either way, let him find another garden. As for your imminent vacation? Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Sure you may meet somebody, but you may not ………. but can still have a wonderful vacation! 🙂

    • Thanks— I’m not contacting him, and I’m not comfortable ignoring him when he talks to me about friendship-eligible conversation topics. I’m not fostering the relationship, but I’m not being rude about it. I have explicitly told him he should look for another garden. It’s honestly the best that I can do. For better or worse, I deliberately err on the side of treating people I care about like I care about them. And although I don’t think we should date any more, I do care about him. So I make an effort to be clear with him. The only time I can effectively manage a freeze-out is when I’m can’t bring myself to care about someone anymore. And I’m careful about getting to that point, because I take seriously the belief that I’m called, spiritually, to something more than that. So he’ll get courteous responses, if not much more. You’re not alone in thinking I should freeze him out entirely, and I absolutely understand why people feel that way, but it’s not in me.

      I’m not hanging my hat on meeting someone on this trip— it’s a girls’ trip, and demographically speaking, the odds are against it. I’m just thinking positive. This is something that I’m doing for myself, and when I’m enjoying myself, I can be a little magnetic. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I met someone who made me smile, whether happily ever after was on the table or not. The fact that I’m into kind of adventurous excursions should at least put me in a good place to meet interesting people, and I know of two single-and-looking guys (one more age-appropriate than the other) who are taking Alaska trips later this summer, one of whom is taking a cruise. So stranger things have happened. I’m a realist, and my expectations about this almost never need to be managed down.

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