So one of the things I’ve liked about April so far is that it’s been about progress. Where March was about figuring out what the problem was, April’s been about taking action to solve it.

Remember when I asked you what I should do rather than hit the candy jar at work? I found the app “Move” for my phone. And it buzzes every 45 minutes and has me do something active. Too early to tell if it will stick, but I’ve done it every time I was prompted (not usually right when I was prompted, but at the next reasonable opportunity), and I haven’t been tempted to hit the candy jar since. I like being active and stretching. I haven’t figured out all the nuance (the first time it buzzed, the message on the screen was “Eye of the Tiger.” So I opened the app and searched the exercises for “Eye of the Tiger.” Yeah, that’s not how it works. “Eye of the Tiger” was its little inspirational message to me, as opposed to “Move”. I’ve also seen “You like to move it move it” and other cute motivational suggestions.) It’s a free app, but then you have to pay if you want exercises beyond the ones that come with the app. They have one for the office, and promise you won’t look like a freak to your co-workers, but I have spent an unusual amount of time on the floor in my office with my shoes off, and I think my coworkers could build a case for me as a freak. I also don’t understand the color-coding of the exercises, so I never know from what grouping an exercise is pulled, leaving me confused about what is supposed to be office-friendly. But I’ll sort it out in time.

Nice features: It has a YouTube tutorial for every exercise, as well as a timer to help you know how long to hold poses.

I’ve also identified a solution to an upcoming travel dilemma, gotten my seeds in the ground and started indoors for my garden, and crossed off a slew of pending items from my to-do list. This is a much better feeling than the inexorable slide toward chaos I was feeling in March.

In other news, grey area guy got back in touch by text, basically pretending that we did not have a massively uncomfortable blow-up last week. I thought about ignoring him altogether (which is the answer everyone who knows me IRL would like for me to give here), but I don’t have it in me (sorry. I kind of wish I did. I thought about lying about it or just not bringing it up, but I don’t want to be that girl, here). So I responded politely but didn’t prolong the conversation. I’m back to hoping not to hear from him and the other guy, and looking forward to spending some time a little less reachable.


2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Sounds like great progress to me. Clearly you are capable of rationalizing that “hitting the candy” gives a short term fix with zero health benefits, self guilt and long term regrets …… and who needs to deal with that right now. As for Mr. Grey Area? Great job in not succumbing to an emotional “knee-jerk” reaction. There are many occasions when circumstances make me feel like responding very bluntly and with words of one syllable but it rarely serves much functional purpose. Of course there is a degree of self satisfaction but isn’t the point of a dialogue (in this context) to resolve something? Having a well thought out and controlled conversation will always be more productive than an emotional outburst. Keep it up! šŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I’m good at not burning bridges. In this case, I’m possibly too good at it. But so far, so good. I’ve picked the point at which I’ll fight back (crossing a boundary)— I don’t have to fight about casual hellos.

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