I Need a Sub

I’ve developed a bad habit, where I work. When I need a break or am frustrated, I get up and go across the office and grab a piece of chocolate (or three) from the reception area. That’s what it’s there for, and I’m by no means alone in this— it’s an office-wide practice.

But it’s not something I’m happy about for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t buy the mini-Hershey’s stuff anymore because of ethical problems with the production of chocolate. If you don’t want how you feel about most chocolate producers to change, don’t go read this link, because it’s a bummer. Seriously. I pony up for ethically-produced chocolate, when I’m buying, and I feel better about it. It doesn’t hurt that ethically-produced chocolate tends to be of higher quality, and therefore more satisfying, but left to my own devices, I eat a lot less of it because chocolate is a lot less joyful than it used to be. See bummer link (or don’t. Seriously. You’ve been warned.)

Secondly, this is a loop that isn’t sustainable. I’m not someone who can eat whatever I want and not face health consequences. Whether it results in weight gain or leads me toward diabetes, it’s just not worth it.

Over Lent, I tried just to avoid it. And I did pretty well until the fifth or sixth week, when I got stressed out and started eating it again. And now that Lent is over, it is on.

Every now and again, it’s a hunger thing. If I don’t eat enough breakfast or I don’t have enough lunch, maybe it’s hunger that sends me to the candy bowl, but mostly, I think it’s a reason to get up, move around and do something reasonably pleasant without disrupting the people around me. I have healthy snacks in my desks and can work around the times that it’s hunger based, so no need to suggest a stash of energy bars, etc. I’m also exceptionally well-hydrated, so no suggesting water/tea breaks or I’ll need to move the whole desk to the ladies room.

So given that I don’t care that much about the food/candy, I think I just need to come up with something to substitute for “I’ll just grab a piece of candy.” It would need to be something I could do in less than five minutes, in business clothes, away from my desk/office, that just gives me enough enjoyment that if I need to blow off a little steam or to get a little hit of joy it sends me back to my desk renewed on a day that’s dragging. Bonus points if it doesn’t involve me being caught singing or dancing in the break-room.



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