Get a Move On!

My friend dropped by the bike trailer that he gave me, Friday, and I’ll need to modify it to be able to use it with the dog. It’s rated for 100 pounds, but I suspect the seat is rated for 100 pounds, not the plastic liner on the bottom, and he’s going to put more weight on the plastic liner, as currently configured….

But I was thinking about it today, and one thing I can do right away is start doing yoga when the dog wants to rest. I got the idea from a Pinterest pin about strengthening your core, where you do a plank for 30 seconds and then do other exercises, and then do another plank for longer…

And even though I hate planks, I found myself thinking “you know, I could probably do that.” And my sassy side said “yeah, and when would you do that?” And I came up with “when the dog wants to lay in the sunshine.” And that makes some sense. Over the weekend, I spent some time with him, laying in the sunshine, but I also tied him out there while I worked on things around the house. He would rather be outside than in, while I’m doing random stuff around the house (especially if the stuff involves the vacuum cleaner. He’s a very chill dog, but he’s not fond of vacuum cleaners or carpet shampooers), but he’d rather I be with him than him be alone. And I’m not entirely unproductive— I tend to read and/or listen to podcasts or journal, or eat a meal/snack, because sitting still is not my long suit. But if I set the expectation that I do a cycle of a workout while we’re hanging out before I run into the house for a book or journal or snack, I think it’s significantly more likely that I’d do something like a core workout than if I leave that to chance. And since my restlessness can’t be channeled into more walking for him, it gives me alternatives if the bike trailer thing doesn’t work for him right away, or if it takes me awhile to retrofit it, or we don’t have time for that. I can do the plank workout, I can do any number of yoga, plyometric, core, or other kinds of workouts, while he lays in the sunshine. Which gets me a lot more of the moving thing, that I’ve been missing since his activity has been restricted.


So what do you think?

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