Lenten Challenge Day 42: The Home Stretch

So most of what I did last night was related to finishing my mom’s taxes. Let’s say I spent another 90 minutes on that (and I haven’t gotten to her State return, yet. Though I think I have about another 20 minutes, tops, to go. And remember, it totally counts as housework. I also paid a bill. I won’t accomplish much, tonight, because it begins the Triduum, the holy days that end Lent and prepare for Easter. I struck a deal with Mom that we wouldn’t get together last night because we’ll do special services at church for each of the next three days, usually paired with a meal, and tonight, there will also be grocery shopping. The one Saturday night runs for hours. Then Sunday, we’re all good, church-wise. The last few years, I’ve gone to a morning service that my choir performs at, but this year, the choir director and the bulk of the group were busy, so we’re just not doing that. I usually follow it up with a long walk before I get mom and we have a late afternoon big meal. It’s kind of a laid-back day— usually movies and games, the big meal and sometimes talking on the phone to relatives.

The house is in no kind of condition for that (and by that, I mean it needs a good sweeping and a dusting, the entryway and main bathroom need straightening and cleaning, and I’ll probably switch out my throw pillows for something springy, in addition to putting all the dog’s toys back in his crate and cleaning up the counter), so I’m looking for time to do that and prep dessert, knowing that Saturday is probably not reliable for that (I’ve overbooked. I know. I’m shocked too.) I think tomorrow’s my big day. I’ll have time early on Sunday, but won’t want to do it then (I’m a nut for Easter. I walk around feeling spring-y and relieved after a long Lent, singing.) Maybe I’ll plant some things on Easter. My mom says what you plant on Good Friday is sure to rise again, and I’ve been tempted to try that, but it’s usually after everything is planted. Maybe I’ll do half cleaning and half planting, Good Friday, and plant what’s left on Easter.

This is the first Lent in three years I haven’t been dating someone at this point. It’s good, because none of those people were the right answer for me, but the last couple of years, I’ve had dates for Good Friday, which has been kind of strange— spending all day fasting and abstaining from meat and praying solemnly only to spend the evening in a comedy club listening to my favorite foul-mouthed comedian with a two-item minimum? Last year, my boyfriend was supposed to come over for Easter, to meet mom for the first time, but broke up with me by text Good Friday morning. It wasn’t a great day, but, having thought seriously about breaking up with him for several weeks before this, I was able to be relatively philosophical about it.

Maybe being able to focus this weekend will help sort out my funk. I’m hoping to pick up the jogger/bike trailer thing Saturday morning, so I might be able to take the pup on his first wheeled adventure for Easter. Maybe it’ll even put dating back on my radar. My best relationships have been after Lent, for the most part, so maybe that’s the thing.

Sorry. Wandering post. Almost done.


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