Lenten Challenge, Day 34

I basically didn’t accomplish anything around the house. Right around when I started melting down, I decided I was either sick or needed a time out, so I gave myself one. I cancelled on mom, went home, put the food I’d intended to cook in the fridge, changed into sweat pants, ordered takeout, and attached myself firmly to the couch.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, but I started dozing off about 8:30, and fell asleep for the night sometime before 10, so we know that something’s wrong, physically. My eye, which was bloodshot and painfully light- and pressure-sensitive yesterday is less so, today, though still irritated and somewhat pressure sensitive. I haven’t run a fever— it could be allergies or viral pinkeye or heaven knows what. I still feel not-quite right, but I’m better rested, today, and if I need to repeat the couch-parking again tonight, that can be arranged, schedule-wise.

And sorry for the pity-party, yesterday!


2 thoughts on “Lenten Challenge, Day 34

  1. It does sound like you were coming down with something- or fighting it off. It’s always a good choice to stop and take care of yourself. (And it’s okay to have a pity party every once in awhile as long as it doesn’t last forever, right?)

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