Lenten Challenge: The Fourth Weekend

To be honest, I don’t remember what, if anything, I accomplished on Friday. We didn’t end up doing the traditional music thing, because it ended at 7 and we didn’t finish with the service project until 7:30, getting us there at 7:45. I think mom would have thought it worth stopping by, but I didn’t agree. She said “if she was getting good tips, maybe she’d stay,” but I think when you have an end-time of 7, the odds that you’re ending after 8:30 is pretty low, and a song or two would not have justified the effort, in my opinion.

So we went to my house and I cut up potatoes and onions and spices for potato salad and hashbrowns. I like to do that while the potatoes are still warm, because I think it takes the edge off the onions and makes the flavors harmonize well. But beyond that, I’m not at all sure what I might have accomplished.

Saturday, I took my time getting productive, but I managed to get my freezers unloaded, defrosted and cleaned, where they needed it, and reorganized. That probably took me an hour or two. I also wiped down the counters and cleaned up enough to let me cook breakfast, dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch at home, and also bake bread Sunday. I also finally wrote the first draft of one of the children’s book stores

Sunday, I loaded and ran and unloaded the dishwasher and baked the bread. I didn’t get a lot of cleaning done, but I did the dishes in the sink, and the bread was pretty labor-intensive. I baked three loaves— one for dinner tonight, one for mom to take home, and one for a potluck at work tomorrow. I need to do three loaves of soda bread tonight, which I’m starting to stress about, because the dog needs meds and consequently, I think my cushion for dinner prep before I pick mom up is disappearing. That means a late (very late) dinner, which isn’t going to do either of us favors for the sticky place we’re in. It’s also not going to do my overall house-cleanliness any favors, because I’ll be cooking instead of cleaning tonight, and busy tomorrow and busy the next night…

Deep breaths.

So what do you think?

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