Lenten Challenge, Day 23

After work, I went shopping and put the groceries away. This morning, before I left for work, I gathered the cloth bags I used and brought them back out to the car. It’s these kinds of things— the “put the groceries away” and the “bring the bags out to the car”— these are my big challenges as a housekeeper. Doing things until they’re done, rather than getting distracted in the middle and leaving a thousand half-finished projects everywhere. But I’m definitely a work in progress.

If I think too much about how much I am a work in progress, the fact that I’m more than halfway through Lent strikes me with panic. Now that I’m off the restrictive phase of my diet, I am rather longer than I should be on daily chocolate. Possibly not as long as I was before Lent, but rather longer than I ought to be. And my house is not appreciably cleaner than it was before I started my project. But I’m not going to worry about the forest, from where I am, I’m going to keep focusing on the trees.

I swept last night. I definitely need to be doing that more often, but I guess it’s better to sweep once a week or so and feel bad that it’s not happening more frequently, than to never sweep at all. I also put away the laundry I did on Tuesday. And I scooped out the litterboxes that are less frequently used.

I found myself folding and putting laundry away after I did the evening walk with the dog. I was so exhausted by that point— 10:30 or so— but kept myself going for that and the third-and-final physical therapy session of the day and so forth, that by midnight when I finally crawled into bed, I was on a second wind. It would be good if I could avoid getting my second wind at bedtime and find a way to be done with what needed doing earlier in the evening such that I didn’t push through to it. Though I don’t remember many times during my adult life when I’ve been done with what needed doing. All told, I probably spent 2 hours cleaning, if you count the grocery-stowing and so forth.

This morning, when I went to get the dog’s pain pill and the breakfast to keep the pain pill from eating his stomach, I couldn’t find the pain pills. I keep them on the counter, but the counter had gotten cluttered with produce bags and random things, throughout the week. I didn’t have my glasses on, so I tidied all that up and simultaneously sort of packed a lunch for myself and put things back where they belonged, hoping to run across it. Nothing. I ended up having to run and grab my glasses and come back down. Still nothing, until I checked the sink. The pills had gotten knocked into the sink and were under the dish drainer. I was glad to have found them, and it didn’t suck to have tidied the kitchen in the process. More to do there, definitely, but nice to accomplish something, in the morning, which I normally can’t manage.

Tonight is a service project followed by, apparently, a local music thing with mom (though if her friend told her I was kvetching on Facebook about her, maybe not. She’d be likely to bail on the service project, so I could be stuck doing it alone, and find another way to the local music thing.) So my ambitions for the evening are not high. But my caffeine hasn’t really kicked in, so who knows what grand plan may yet await?


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