The Train Is Coming!

One of the animal behaviorists I follow on FaceBook posted about a study that showed that the marmots who warn the other marmots of impending danger are the least popular marmots in the tribe.

I feel their pain.

I felt like the least popular marmot, in my last job, warning that there were trouble indicators on the horizon. I’ve got an area or two in my life where I still feel that way.

I was raised to keep my mouth shut, but over the last few years, I’ve learned that it’s better for me to speak up early, so that we have a chance to head trouble off at the pass. I’ve learned that the longer I sit on bad news, the more apt I am to try to fix it behind the scenes. It never, ever goes well, when I do that. The only cure for it seems to be bringing it into the light of day. Whether it’s a mistake I’ve made or just a mistake I’ve discovered, I tell the truth as fast as I can. The cover up, in my experience, is always worse than the crime. Once you know the shape of the problem, you can move toward a solution, but if you can’t see the problem clearly, solutions are usually more effective after the damage is done.

But as much as I believe deeply in this concept, it doesn’t win you any marmot-love, let me just tell you.

One thought on “The Train Is Coming!

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