Lenten Challenge: Day 16

I feel great about the progress that I made, last night. I finally emptied out the Christmas tub that I’d packed away awhile ago and then continued to pile things on top of, as I ran across them. “Oops— forgot this candle-holder.” “Oh right, those towels were in the wash.” That kind of thing. I tried just to put the things inside, but needed to empty out and repack the tub, to make everything fit. After about the third adjustment, I just started throwing things out. I can tell that The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is starting to influence me, because I kind of had the urge to go through all of my Christmas stuff and throw out a lot more. Especially when I found two more candleholders after I packed it all into the attic.

From there, I dusted in my bedroom, cleaning off the TV stand and dresser and the dustiest shelf of the bookcase. Clearing off the surfaces and dusting, which badly needed doing, made me feel so much better. I went through and tried to make real decisions about most of the stuff (though I confess some things went into a basket that is high on my list to sort next, because at a certain point, I just needed to go to bed). I put away my laundry.

I realized that one downside to my accepting the film festival invite is that I’ve hosed the time I set aside to deal with my closet according to the Life-Changing Magic… system. To watch movies I’m not invested in. With a guy I’m not dating. Hopefully, I can find a way to work in the closet and at least one set of the taxes. A friend was pretty disappointed that I said yes to the film festival. “You’re on notice. You don’t need single male friends. He’s still distracting you from what you want.” She’s definitely right about that last part. I’m not sure I agree that I don’t need single male friends— I don’t want to look at people as utilities “If you’re not marriage material, you’re dead to me.” With that said, I do have a bad habit of letting myself get too comfortable to get “out there” and meet someone. Spending time with single girlfriends or married friends or, apparently, single male friends that keeps me feeling occupied and not lonely, but reducing the urgency of meeting someone for romance, and he and I admitted to each other that we were doing that while we lived in the grey area… so it’s a point well taken. There are many ways to waste my time with him. But he’s bought the tickets, so I’m going, and I’ll just take it as a warning for the next time I’m on this road.


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