Lenten Challenge, Day 15, with Musical Suggestion

So unless you’re new here (and if you’re new here, hello! Glad to meet you!) we both know that I didn’t accomplish anything, cleaning-wise, on Day 15. It was a Wednesday, and on Wednesdays, I can accomplish nothing around the house because I am stupidly overscheduled. Last night was not an exception. I went from work to the class I teach, came home and walked the dog for, like, an hour, dropped him off and went to the grocery store. Normally my mom teaches with me, so we’ll grab dinner and head to the grocery store, and I might walk the dog around the grocery store parking lot, but she was under the weather, and the dog didn’t seem to want to hop in the car (I thought I’d bring him when I dropped off mom’s groceries, for a visit). No biggie. I had a list of stuff for me to get at the grocery store and a list for her, so I headed over.

I was astonished to pull into the grocery store parking lot and feel the music swell

To be clear, I love going to the grocery store by myself. I do it pretty frequently. It’s much faster when I go by myself, and I don’t have to practice my deep breathing and conflict avoidance strategies with quite the same rigor. But somehow, it was the loneliest moment I’ve had in awhile.

Which almost explains how I ended up consenting to go to a Leonard Nimoy film marathon Saturday, possibly in costume, with this guy. A few things you should know: many, many people in my life are Trekkies, but I am not one. I had a passing adolescent fondness for STTNG that had mostly to do with a crush on Wil Wheaton, back in the day (I didn’t like it enough to watch episodes when he wasn’t in them a lot, hence “passing.”) I grudgingly read and enjoyed some Piers Anthony as a pre-teen, when my eldest brother—the family Trekkie—twisted my arm, but sci-fi, more generally, is not my thing. I like characters, it tends to be plot-driven. I dabble, occasionally, in response to overwhelming and unrelenting pressure to be a fan. My respect, when given, tends to be reluctant but genuine.

But I do love people who are passionate, and my friend really wants to go. He promises that he won’t be pushing on my boundaries (though it’s his current MO, and he thinks it’s funnier than I do.) And so this kind of sounds like it will be fun. And considering that what I was going to do Saturday was my taxes and my mom’s… I might have agreed to go to almost anything. Dental cleanings. Hanging out at the Comcast store. Car-washing…

By the time I got home after dropping off groceries and checking in on Mom, it was after 10:30, so… no cleaning to speak of. I managed a litterbox and feeding the zoo and reading a little Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, before bed. I’m not sold that I need to change the way I fold my socks because they’re suffering in the drawers, but I might try it and just see if it improves my ability to store them. If I buy into 97 percent of her philosophy, I might as well at least try the 3 percent about which I’m skeptical.


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