Lenten Challenge, Second Weekend

Friday, I was feeling better that the dog wasn’t suffering from something fatal. I ran some errands after work, bought a whole bunch of veggies again, and put them away. I walked the dog, made dinner, and talked with the BFF before I headed out to see a movie. When I got home, I walked the dog again. I don’t think I did much in the way of housework— staying up late to clean didn’t make much sense, given that I had a morning teacher training session.

The morning training session went much better than I thought it would, and I was feeling pretty great by the time I got home. I had picked up the cleaning supplies caddy that I referenced before, and I started filling those appropriately. I paid some bills and walked them to the post office with the dog (a very meandering walk indeed.) I was pretty effective on Saturday, housework-wise. I set up the new shredder and shredded the things I had gotten stuck on. I tried a trick with the old shredder that I’d read about online (feeding an oiled piece of paper to oil the blades— something I’d never done.) It didn’t seem to help, so I got rid of the shredding piece of that and kept the basket for the entryway. I dusted the living room and the guest room/office. I reorganized my scarves with some hangers that I picked up cheap at TJ Maxx and put the outdoor scarves down in the coat closet, instead of in my clothes closet, because that’s where I should use them. I folded my clean laundry and my functionally clean laundry and sorted things that needed washing, and put it all away.

One of the keys to my productivity was that I had noticed that the movie “Seven” was leaving Netflix on Sunday. I remember watching “Seven” when it came out and being really impressed (if grossed out and terrified), and thought it worth catching while it was still available. Because it was so scary, I wanted to get it in while there was still daylight. Almost all of the house-cleaning I’ve mentioned happened while the movie was on. I know that doesn’t sound like a quality movie-watching experience, but having seen the movie a couple of times before, and knowing it to be wildly twisted, I felt like keeping an ear on it was enough to refresh my memory. So let’s call that two hours cleaning.

I paid some more bills and ordered some seeds, which was constructive but not germane to the Challenge. I also figured out how much these surgeries, if necessary, are likely to be, and immediately put myself on a budget to start funding for them.

Sunday, I got up and futzed with the budget for a bit before I started breakfast. Breakfast involved emptying the dishwasher, refilling it, cleaning the kitchen counters, etc, and handwashing dishes while I prepared an omelet that would feed me for Sunday and at least one more day this week. I was meeting my friend at the gym for a workout, so I cooked it but didn’t get to eat it until lunchtime. And last night, I spent some time in the kitchen building a raw veggie box for this week. Let’s say that I spent 45 minutes actually cleaning.

Wins: I’m getting to the bottoms of some things. I’m making some decisions that help me to make progress in some thorny areas. Also, I spent a fair amount of time singing to RockBand songs on Saturday and dancing to Just Dance, in addition to bill-paying and freaking out about the dog. And some time blogging. I’m moving in the direction of better balance, which is a gift to my spirit.


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