Lenten Challenge, Day 7

Snow night!

My crazy Wednesday night got cancelled because of a white out, so I actually accomplished some things. Not a lot of things, I’ll admit, but more than I would have on a usual Wednesday.

Between being sent home early from work and the cancellation of my evening, I swept the floor and scrubbed a toilet. I normally eat out with mom between class and the grocery store, so I didn’t have a plan for dinner, and my diet is not particularly delivery-friendly (not that the conditions were particularly delivery-friendly, either.) But I had the carcass of the turkey breast that I made for dinner Monday, so I got that cooking in some water and some of its natural gelatin, and headed out with the dog. For an hour. In the white-out. Do I need to say that it was the dog’s idea? It totally was.

When I came back, I had a nice stock. I reserved some of the stock for the dog (when his food bag has been open awhile, he’s more finicky about it, so sometimes I cover it in stock, or I give it to him as a treat, or if he’s not feeling well), stripped the carcass and turned the rest into turkey chili. There is nothing like chili on a snowy night, unless it’s beef barley soup, and turkey chili goes better with the phase of the diet I’m in.

I cleaned up the kitchen and ran the dishwasher, after. I thought about dusting the living room, but decided to skip it and do something fun instead. My fun came in the form of RockBand on the Wii, which made me happy, but it involved finding the Wii remote (a project) and finding the microphone (another project). I keep the video games and accessories in with the exercise bands and things I use when I work out in the house in a large handled basket. It was sitting on the couch (I moved it to look under it for the Wii remote), and while I was rocking out, one of the cats knocked it over and the contents went everywhere. So I picked it all up and packed it away, weeding and reorganizing as I went (maybe 10 minutes.)

I didn’t pack my lunch, because the dozen or so containers that were choking up my big kitchen drawer this time last week had all been used for veggies and lunches and turkey stock and turkey chili. Which meant that this morning kind of sucked even worse than the dog yarking up his breakfast and pain meds and army-crawling pathetically to the top of the stairs because I force him to go out before I leave would have made it. (My guilt about this is epic, but of course it’s not unkind to let him relieve himself before I leave him for hours and hours.) I was sure they’d cancel work/have us work from home, because of conditions, so I wasn’t really ready to do the full morning thing when they didn’t, and dog sick and no breakfast (most convenience foods contain grains and or sugar and or fruit, none of which is consistent with the diet for another week) made it harder. But now I have clean containers, and a plan for the dog, and I’m hoping it’s going to head in the direction of a better day.

Wins: An unexpected, unstructured evening to myself! In which I rewarded myself, instead of trying to be entirely virtuous! Which is a good thing, because bolstering my spirits is something that badly needed doing. And I accomplished more than I expected. And I’ve put myself on the cancellation list for the orthopedist, so that if something opens up, I can get my poor boy seen sooner.

Losses: I should have scrubbed both toilets. And being a little better prepared for the workday this morning wouldn’t have been a bad thing. But what are you gonna do.


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