Lenten Challenge, Day 6

Tuesday is a well-situated day for me. I had to pass on yoga with a friend, but I get off work and have the night to myself, and I’m pleased with how much I managed, for the evening.

I needed to run some errands, so I made a plan for the evening earlier in the day, and slotted things into particular time blocks. This is always more helpful to me than just making a list and not having a sense for how long things will take or what happens first, etc. I needed to plan a lesson and the review for a test for my class tonight, and vacuum, do laundry, sweep, pack food for the day and deal with the piles (at least the piles of paper I left sorted out on the floor, preventing the vacuuming) I left all over the office last week. I got to everything but the sweeping, doing laundry while I planned my lesson, vacuuming during the commercials after I was done, packing my lunch as a bit of an afterthought. I was shooting to be done and heading for bed by 11, and actually managed to be done by 10:30, giving me an unexpected head start on unwinding, meaning that I was asleep about 30 minutes earlier than usual, resulting in a more productive early morning for me.

I didn’t get to the sweeping, but I did think through some things to help make my morning routine more effective, and they totally worked! My morning blew up for entirely different reasons, woo hoo! Just kidding. I did manage to get the dog downstairs with much less drama than usual, but then I lost the leash (I put it where I always put it, but it slipped down underneath the stool it sits on in a way I couldn’t see it), so I was still behind the curve. Baby steps.

I even did morning pages so that I didn’t bring you all my unfiltered dating angst (don’t worry, you’ll get the filtered kind.) But if I can manage it, writing morning pages and listening to music for 20 minutes before I launch into my day would be a way to get a little better balance and add more consistently to yesterday’s 4Rs. It feels self-indulgent enough to be a reward, but I think that’s probably because I try to operate as if my cup didn’t need filling, just like everyone else’s, until I’m far into the danger zone.


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