One of the things I struggle with is outsourcing.

If you look closely at my habits, this is not surprising. When I order things at a restaurant, I never want to order something I can make better at home. I grow produce, I can whatever I am able to, I refinish my own furniture, I made my dad teach me how to change the oil on my car and change a tire (not that I actually do those things). My mother says that if there’s a choice of ways to do something, I’m never going to make it easy on myself.

But I need to get better at it.

The truth is that as much as building a household routine is a good practice for me, I probably do need help with big picture cleaning to keep the house in order, given the array of my interests. I occasionally need help with the dog— walking him during the day on days when my interests and obligations are at odds with the level of care I want for him (given that doggie day care, for the moment, seems at odds with his mobility challenges).

And there are things I’m never going to do. I don’t want to spend even another hour trying to solve the problems of my gas fireplace and gas grill. My kitchen sink has never been right, and I want someone else to deal with it. My dining room light fixture isn’t hung properly. Not because I can’t, but because I’m done putting time there. But yet, I won’t make the call.

Any thoughts on how to help me break through? Is it just a matter of sucking it up and doing it? How/where do you draw the line?


So what do you think?

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