Lenten Challenge: Day 5

I have to say, the accountability of reporting to you all is really helping me.

I got home, made a nice dinner while I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, walked the dog, packed my lunch for today, picked up my mom, spent the evening with her, walked the dog some more, took her home, and then looked at my trashed kitchen and thought “I’m too tired to deal with it.”

And then I thought about saying that to you all, again. So I sucked it up. I rinsed the dinner dishes really well, and hand-washed what wasn’t dishwasher-friendly/I knew the dishwasher was never going to get clean (typically, if it’s dishwasher-friendly, I rinse it or even soak it, but I won’t hand wash it until it’s been through the cycle several times). I wiped down the stove and counters and put things to rights. I wiped down our dinner settings, and put it back to rights. I straightened a few additional things at the table, which meant that the snacks I bought Friday actually made it to work with me today, and the counters and tables are no longer strewn with plastic bags. When you add it to bed-making and dishwasher emptying/refilling, I spent about 45 minutes on it.

I didn’t do everything. I should have swept and mopped. I should have wiped out the sink and put away the dishes in the drainer. I should have wiped down my kitchen cart and put it more to rights. But there were wins, even here. I went to bed at a more decent time, and was able to accomplish more of my todos of the day before I went to sleep, than if I forced the kitchen issue and left more things to do later. Maybe the overflow tasks can start falling to Saturdays, and then they’ll get done when I have more time.

How are your resolutions/Lenten challenges going?


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