Lenten Challenge: The Weekend

This weekend was a big blizzard weekend, and I’m wildly optimistic about how much I can accomplish in a weekend locked in my house, but I have to say that it was a mixed bag. I feel like I accomplished a lot, but not much of it was related to the housework. Let’s explore.

Friday: I knew I didn’t need supplies to survive the weekend, but I did need to plan meals better this week, so I stopped by a supermarket on my way home. I don’t really like grocery shopping, but I go nuts in places like Sprouts, overbuying produce and trying new things. I found a whole bunch of great things, stocked up, braved the long pre-blizzard lines, and headed home. I put the groceries away and further cleaned out the fridge. I also came up with a game plan for a weekend’s worth of cooking and even tonight’s dinner.

I did spend an hour or so sorting papers in my office, and made pretty good headway, except that everything is still in piles there. I spent some more time shredding a stack of things and took several bags of recyclables out, but my shredder crapped out partway through, and so now I have a stack of things in my living room, too, next to my shredder. I’ve shopped for, though not pulled the trigger on, a new shredder.

Saturday: I took the pup in for a physical therapy assessment, which was not wildly comforting (more on that in another post.) I stopped for lunch and had a dietary revelation that kind of threw my weekend off. And then I took a side trip to visit my father’s grave, because Sunday is the anniversary of his death. And quite a lot of time driving back in what were, by then, blizzard conditions. I spent most of Saturday evening feeling emotional about my dog and researching the condition the vet said she suspects. I did a lot of cooking, roasting a butternut squash and some Brussels sprouts and another big squash (orange acorn?) that came out of a garden I had some investment in, and made some homemade coleslaw. I easily spent an entire evening on it, but the house isn’t cleaner for all that.

Sunday: I finished breaking down the squash, and made stock boxes for crudites and boiled eggs for the work week (breakfast/lunches/snacks) as well as some dips (cream cheese/salmon paste/lemon/dill/green onion) for variety. And I made a green bean salad. And I did it while watching videos for a class I was taking, which was very virtuous if I do say so myself. I also took out the trash. But the house— not markedly cleaner. I can also say that I got to some perspective about the dog.

If I’m looking for wins, here, I can say that all the cooking I did was therapeutic in a weekend that was going to be emotional for me, no matter what. And I can say that my dietary revelation was that I stopped at lunch Saturday and nearly bought $40 in prepackaged healthy food (there were little, skimpy boxes that included a boiled egg, a tablespoon of hummus and less than 1/4 c. raw veggies, for $5 each, that I nearly bought several of) but instead, used food I’d already bought, a good portion of which would have surely spoiled. I ate incredibly healthily all weekend (almost entirely veggies from my Friday trip, and miso soup, the Oscar party I went to notwithstanding, though even there, I was pretty moderate) and spent very little in restaurants. I have veggies prepared and ready for meals throughout the week, so with a lean protein (tonight’s project), I’m in business. And I’ve lost basically a pound a day on this diet, which is a great start if I can sustain the lifestyle change in any substantive way. But the house isn’t cleaner and the taxes aren’t done.


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