Dog Update

I’m so excited for the pup’s physical therapy assessment, I can’t even tell you. Knowing how to help him would make a huge difference in my stress level, (provided there’s a straightforward way to help him.) But he’s not doing badly. I’ve moved his diet more toward grain-free (using up a bag of expensive premium food, so we’re at roughly half regular, half grain-free, though treats etc. are more consistently grain-free). I put him on a glucosamine with MSM supplement, and though it’s only been three or so days, it seems like it’s helping, some. He’s still gimpy, but maybe not as badly? Hard to say. I have been taking his reluctance to walk on warm, sunshiny days as a sign of illness, and I’m realizing it’s a sign that he, as always, likes to have his belly rubbed while he lays in the sunshine. He plays in the snow (which makes me much less grumpy about snow in February— about the time that I typically start to get grumpy about snow).

And it’s not all bad. I look like a fabulous dog trainer, because I can drop the leash and walk away and another dog can come into the yard and he won’t get up. Trust me, this has nothing to do with my brilliance as a dog trainer. He’s stopped destroying my stuff with quite the frequency he had before, because it would involve getting up and he’s not much inclined to do that. And my stress about starting a job that has me away more? He doesn’t seem as stressed about my being away as he did when I was around a lot more. Even if it’s a transitional thing, if what he takes away is that he doesn’t need to freak out if I’m at work/out and about for awhile, let me tell you, I’ll so take it. All the same, I’ll take my playful, pain-free (or at least “less pain-inhibited”) puppy back, now.


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