Last Day of Pre-Lenten Challenge Tracking!

Here’s the skinny on the last day before I got officially started.

I returned some equipment to my cable provider, to get it officially out of my life, which took an excessively long time, if you ask me (20 minutes or so in the store, but still— I was dropping off a box of old stuff.) I did a couple of loads of laundry, I tried to repair my favorite Christmas decoration, then reconciled myself to the fact that it could not be repaired (and here’s the miraculous thing) and threw it away. I clutter-busted some things I had stacked on the washer in advance of my houseguests, and I sorted, folded and put away clothes that had been worn but were clean enough to wear again. All told, let’s call it two hours. Laissez les bon temps rouler, indeed. At least I did it while polishing off what I could of the perishable food that was in my house that I’m not eating, now that it’s Lent. Let me tell you, the “fruit salad” of ruby red grapefruit and strawberries went really well with the ruby red grapefruit juice my houseguests didn’t finish, but not really as well with the remains of the salt & vinegar Pringles. I intended to do more, but I’m pretty full of good intentions, this time of year. It’s not bad.

The plan for Lent is to do the speed-cleaning approach that I linked to last week, with sort of a 40 bags in 40 days flavor, and to build a cleaning routine that works with my life now. Chances are good that it will be a hodge podge of other people’s best practices (I’ve found myself reverting to FlyLady language— “ooh, that’s a hot spot! Got to clear my hot spots!” and wondering if I should jump back on that email bandwagon… still thinking no, but I may, if I find my motivation flagging.) And chances are good that it (whatever routine) won’t really begin today, because Wednesday is my busy day, even when it’s not a holy day. Instead of trying to spread the work evenly, I’ll try to make Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday heavier days and Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday lighter days. And I may waffle on Friday, because it’s never been a better day for free time than it is now. Part of me says I should keep it as a day/night with free time, but I suspect that I’ll make it a bit of an errand day, and keep Saturday chores a little closer to home.


So what do you think?

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