Chore Tracking, Days 10 & 11

As usual, Wednesday, all I managed was putting away my perishable groceries. If you give me credit for grocery shopping, then I get about 25 minutes of credit. Add bed-making and I’m at an even 30.

Thursday, I did a little better— I emptied the bedroom and master bath trash, I folded and put away laundry, I did some permanent-home-finding for stuff that’s in the guest bedroom/office. I took out the trash from tidying the guest room, kitchen, and upstairs. Let’s say 90 minutes.

I don’t have high hopes for housework tonight, as I’ve got plans that should keep me busy all evening, but maybe I’ll get something in after work and before I head out for the night. I’m reasonably optimistic that I can get the rest of what needs doing in the guest room, living room, dining room and kitchen taken care of before my guests arrive early tomorrow afternoon.


So what do you think?

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