Chore Tracking, Day 8

Just 8 more days of this before the Lenten Challenge actually begins, aren’t you excited?! Hearing every detail of my oh-so-glamorous chores not the most exciting ever? Yeah, for me either. But it’s actually helpful in changing my behavior. So bear with me.

So last night, I was on the exhausted side. The dog was not a huge fan of my marathon, late-night carpet cleaning, and his sleep schedule was wonky Sunday night, which meant that the fact that I predictably went to bed too late that night was complemented by a 3 a.m. walk. I can’t complain, he is house-trained to within an inch of his life, but when one has less than 6 hours to sleep, one doesn’t find an intermission that helpful. I had to stop at the vet (you’ll hear that story separately today) on the way home to pick up a prescription, and make dinner for mom (a truly inspired meal, I assure you, of freezer-burned pork in past-its-due-date tomato red pepper soup and wilted leeks over aging spaghetti squash), so my energy for chores was not what it could be. I also had been alerted by a credit monitoring agency that there’d been a change in my accounts, so I spent a chunk of time researching that (it was a gimmick, to force me to log in.) So if you don’t count vet trips or credit freak-outs, I spent about 20 minutes pulling together a box of things I want to donate from various bags/piles and putting away some board games I’d been stacking in the guest room instead of putting away. If you count vet stuff, bed making and credit monitoring, I was up over an hour.


5 thoughts on “Chore Tracking, Day 8

  1. I’ve been working my way through my closet and drawers getting rid of the clothes I haven’t worn for years. I have been trying to get some organization and de-cluttering done around the house. You’re motivating me. 🙂

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