Chore Tracking, Day 4

I was right that I basically had nothing left, Wednesday, after grocery shopping, so my clean laundry didn’t get put away until last night. Last night, I spent what I think was more than an hour putting away clean and gently used laundry (granted, I had the TV on, and stopped occasionally to feed the cats or the dog, but still). Kind of ridiculous that I had a half-dozen of basically everything (sweaters, jackets, pants, skirts) to put away once I sorted through it all (I hadn’t truly put away laundry after the last time I did it. It was folded and sorted and sitting on a table), but glad it’s away. I’m shampooing carpets tomorrow (because I know how to party) and it will be nice to be able to move around without all that in the way.

The plan for tonight (I had fun plans that fell through, and I purposely let go the opportunity for something more sparkling, because I’ve got my eye on a prize) is to sort through and throw out random paper (mostly) that I’ve been piling in the guest room/office, so that when I shampoo the carpets, I don’t have to work so hard relocating piles and then dealing with the piles next week with the pressure of impending company growing. But I’ll throw a movie in there, too, so I don’t start feeling too martyr-y (I’m taking the shampooer over to a post-surgical friend’s for spot cleaning, and doing my mom’s whole rugs too. I hope whoever’s in charge of my record for Purgatory is paying close attention.)


So what do you think?

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