Chore Tracking, Days 2 and 3

So in terms of housework, from yesterday, I didn’t do much— I scrubbed the toilets and sinks in my bathroom. In the guest bathroom, I wiped down the rim of the tub and the chrome shelf, in my own bathroom, I wiped down the air purifier, which had gotten dusty. It probably took me 10 minutes, total. I also took out the trash and three bags of recycling (maybe another 3 minutes.) Toss in my making my bed, and we’re at about 15 minutes, total, which is roughly 15 minutes more than I’m likely to manage today, unless you count putting away groceries as housework. (Though I did make my bed. And let’s not kid ourselves about the virtue of my compulsive bed-making— I was not a regular bed maker until my girl-cat started making me pay for not making my bed. A couple of minutes of bed-making is better than the alternative, is all that is.) If I get a few minutes, I’ll hang up clothes and maybe put away laundry that I was air-drying, from Monday, but it’s generally unrealistic to expect that I’ll accomplish much on Wednesdays, given work, teaching a class, walking the dog several times, and dinner and interminable grocery shopping with mom. (See yesterday’s observation about my schedule not working with the life I live now.)

So what do you think?

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