Domestic Bliss?

Confession: I’ve never been a neatnik. I live too much in my head, and I get overcommitted or caught up in a book or an idea, and my immediate environment takes a back seat. I do best living with someone, because I pay better attention on someone else’s account than on my own. But I’ve made steady progress throughout my adulthood, and these days, things are seldom terrible, but unless I’m expecting guests, they’re seldom great, either.

I’ve tried systems— home-grown and familiar (yes, I’ve heard of and followed FlyLady,) even with some success. But it feels like I need to make more progress— enough to find some kind of tipping point, where it gets a little easier. I’m thinking that I’ll try some kind of commitment for Lent. The good news is that I have some time to establish a baseline.

I often do the largest chunk of my housework on Mondays. I try to vacuum the stairs and my bedroom, do the laundry, plus I’m usually cooking and putting things in order in the kitchen. I often put away clothes that are on chairs, etc. from my room and bathroom.

Tonight, I vacuumed my bedroom (20 mins), heated up leftovers, emptied the  dishwasher (5 mins) washed things from the dishwasher that didn’t get clean (5 mins), did two small loads of laundry (maybe 20 applied mins), bagged up donations, bagged up some recycling, emptied the litterboxes and my bathroom trash, (5 mins). So let’s say about an hour, applied, when you give me credit for making my bed in the morning and wiping down the stove and counters.


3 thoughts on “Domestic Bliss?

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