I Could Write a Sonnet…

Pup Tupelo and I just got back from a dash to the park to play with his new toy (the slingshot duck. We both think it’s kind of the best toy ever.)

Slingshot duck

Slingshot duck

It’s not terribly cold today, but the wind has really kicked up and we were walking into it, on the way home. Maybe it’s “a few days before Thanksgiving” overwhelm, but I basically just watched his ears for the last few blocks home. He folds them back along his head when he’s really happy to see you or, apparently, walking into a driving wind. And then he brings one or more of them to half-cocked, if he’s listening for something in front of him. If he’s listening hard, they both go up completely.

Let's play!

Let’s play!

At water's edge

At water’s edge

IMG_2155-0.JPGI was madly entertained by the whole dance of it all. I see a video of just his ears in our future.


One thought on “I Could Write a Sonnet…

  1. We are always laughing at Ari’s ears. Sometimes they pivot slowly like satellite dishes. Sometimes one is folded up into this weird little accordion while the other is facing the opposite direction- we are never share if she’s trying to listen in two different directions or blocking out something on one side to focus on the other.

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