A Dog’s Life, After About a Month

Apologies for the long absence— among other things, having a puppy has eaten my downtime in ways I had not fully expected.

Things are still going well with the pup. Here are some highlights:

  • Because I’m ridiculous like this, I spent three weeks sleeping on the couch before I started cautiously integrating the pets at night. The pup is tethered and not allowed on the bed at night, and things are mostly going well. I had to change where I feed the cats (again) and usually have to calm him down by sitting with him for a few minutes right before he goes to sleep, but otherwise, hard to complain.
  • He’s been to the vet, who has some interesting ideas about his genetic background (possibly not the lab/GSD mix that we thought, but maybe GSD with some Shar-Pei and husky, maybe some other things?), but only good things to say about how sweet a disposition he has and how good his health is.
  • He spent last weekend at doggy day care— I had an in-town work conference all weekend, and my dog-knowledgeable friends suggested that it was a little early for him to sleep away. Doggy day care was an awesome experience, all around. He loves the other dogs— he’d play all day and sleep hard all night.
  • We’ve had a nasty cold snap for the last week, and I have to say I’m not loving subzero walks. The pup, on the other hand, can be out there for hours. I’m finding that a game of off-leash fetch is my friend when we can work that out. Shortens the duration of the walk without leaving him restless when we’re back in the house.
  • I’ve been entirely too neurotic about adding a dog to the house. I’m starting to calm down, but I’m conscientious by nature, and my conscientiousness here is probably both an asset and a liability.

And here are some pics of him being cute:

A breather on a walk

A breather on a walk

Belly-rubs in the sunshine

2014-10-28 23.28.13


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