First Snowfall

Over the weekend, a friend asked me what I was planning to wear to the theater this weekend. I said “are you kidding? It’s Colorado in September. It could be 95 or there could be snow on the ground. Why would I bother to pick out an outfit before I know which one it’s likely to be?”*

I was mostly being a smart-a$$, but sure enough, we’ve got our first shot at snow this weekend.

And it’s raising all sorts of logistical questions for me (almost none of which are fashion-related. I’ll decide the afternoon of the event, ’cause that’s how I am.) Questions like: my garden is not done producing, but I can’t possibly bring all the plants in to protect them. And when I do bring as many of the plants in as I can, how will I protect them from the cats (who are fascinated by any foliage they can reach and dirt more generally) and the impending dog? I have the plants on plant stands, which the cats invariably knock over once or twice a season, spilling the dirt and often killing the plant (if it happens while I’m at work, the roots are often exposed too long and the plant dies). I think the rate of accidental/exuberance-related knocking over is going to skyrocket with a dog in the house.

I’m considering ways to weatherproof an outdoor space to create a greenhouse that would almost certainly get me in trouble with the HOA. I’m researching pet enclosures, not so much to enclose the pets as to enclose the plants, and keep the pets away from them. And trying to think through a solution that will be simple enough to move and clean under/around or shuffle when I have company.

Another valid question is given that I’ve entirely covered my surfaces in home-canned goods, where is all that going to live while I wait to use it/wait for it to find homes? The amount of space I’m devoting to that, these days, has grown exponentially. I didn’t have a lot of storage to begin with…

I love fall, I do. And my winter-time plans don’t have to be finalized for the weekend. But if you have bright ideas for people with small indoor living spaces, lots of big potted veggies, and pets, I’d love to brainstorm with you.

* And don’t talk to me about 5-day forecasts, because I’m not a good dart player and generally have a better average than the long-range forecasters around here.


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