Dog Days Part 2

I have possibly given you the wrong idea about my adopting a dog, with the list of the reasons I gave that I shouldn’t. These are the things I tell myself to keep myself from adopting every sweet furry face that comes along. Here’s a list of reasons that I was always meant to have a dog:

(1) I’m great with animals and small children. I’m calm, patient, and gentle, and I let them come to me when they’re ready. I listen and don’t impose on them. They instinctively trust me, and they’re never sorry.
(2) I’m ridiculously conscientious. At 15, I was voted most conscientious cheerleader. Seriously. They made it up for me because I always had an extra pair of socks or an extra pair of the things you wear under your skirt, in my bag, to loan to the cheerleaders. I’m at least six weeks from getting a dog, and I’ve already looked into training classes, I’m reading a book about it, I’m borrowing a friend’s dog this weekend to acclimate my cats to the idea, thinking through changes to my work schedule to accommodate separation anxiety…
(3) Most of my friends agree that if reincarnation is a thing, the way to go is to be reincarnated as one of my pets. It’s quite the life.
(4) I’m tireless about throwing a ball or taking a dog for a walk. Historically speaking, when I pet sit for you, your dog will get walked more than it does when you’re at home. I realize that it’s different when the responsibility is 24-7, and because my dog will have to be walked for every elimination, but I think I’ll kind of rock at this.
(5) I live in a very dog-friendly community, with lots of walking trails, a state park nearby, and there are rumors of an off-leash dog park within a few blocks.
(6) I’m accustomed to sacrifice. My cats have taught me that proper veterinary care is essential, and not cheap. They eat a prescription diet, I’ve paid for surgeries. Oh the vacuuming. I’m not underestimating the commitment, here.
(7) I’ve come a long way as a housekeeper. I used to have an unfortunate tendency to leave my stuff all over the floor. I’m not a perfect housekeeper by any stretch, but it’s more realistic than it has ever been for a dog to do well in my environment.


3 thoughts on “Dog Days Part 2

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  2. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait for you to get a dog!! What kind are you hoping to get? I have three and find that they enrich my life in so many ways. Honestly, one would be enough for me, but I can’t say no to my dog loving daughter! Every time one of her sisters leaves for college, we seem to add a dog. You sound like the perfect dog owner. Good luck!!

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