I’ve been debating about what to do with myself today. I’ve got a window of several hours, with some legitimate things to accomplish, plus I was thinking about walking the couple of miles to a friend’s house to harvest some things from her garden (she’s out of town and her garden is going nuts), and there’s some stuff to do in my garden…

I’m heating up some leftovers for breakfast and popped on the TV. A movie was just beginning, which was odd because it was 15 after the hour. But when I put the TV onto a random channel at a random time and a movie is just starting, I have this feeling that there’s a message in it for me.

This movie is one I never heard of, “Love Wrecked,” with Amanda Bynes from 2006. Rabid fan shipwrecked on a desert island with her rock star idol. Heaven knows I wouldn’t have gotten this message any other way!

And I just heard the line “That’s worth a free dinner at Claim Jumper!” Don’t find writing like that just anywhere!

Ooh, the good news is that Lance Bass plays a minor role.


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