Back from Vacation!

I’m sorry to disappear so suddenly— I thought it very possible that I’d choose to blog while on vacation, but when the time came, I did not choose to do so. And that was good for me. But I have a bunch of things I’ve been reading about, thinking about, and working on while I was gone, so I’m very likely to get back in the habit now that I’m back in town.

Thanks for your patience during radio silence. Writing 101 has ended, and I haven’t investigated other blogging challenges yet (and I have just signed up for eleventy-billion Coursera courses because I have a bit of a problem, there.) So left to my own devices, you’re likely to hear about my trip, trains, gardening, organizing, time-management, me tackling healthy dating again,  me tackling emotional eating, the (I think it’s) six books I started on vacation (and other books they make me think about), and heaven knows what else.

But if you’re itching to talk about something else, I hope you’ll say so in the comments. We’re still kind of like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel, around here, so together, let’s build the blog you want to read!

Edited to add: Especially if you’re interested in more fiction from me, I’d be very interested to know that. For now, you’d have to want to know what was happening in a fiction-starter that I did for writing 101, or provide me a prompt. I have a hard time making myself write fiction because it feels so artificial, but they are muscles I have a theoretical interest in building. However, I fall into Gretchen Rubin’s category of Obligers, so I’m more likely to oblige if I know that there’s a demand for it.


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