A Creeping Mania

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m in a busy time in my life, and finding myself exhausted at 1 a.m., having finally started to make progress on my to-do list, but having shorted myself on sleep again—that’s the norm.

As I’ve also mentioned here, before, the fact that it’s summer doesn’t help me, though some of my obligations are seasonal and break for the summer. I find myself rushing through chores, because I’d rather be swimming/biking/gardening/outside in any way.

In an effort to feel less overwhelmed, I thought I’d go onto Coursera and think about unsubscribing to a course I thought was going to start next week. It’s a course topic that I’m really passionate about (Human Trafficking), but I just need more space in my calendar, at the moment.

The good news is that Human Trafficking doesn’t start until late August. So I didn’t drop it. The bad news is that I found another course that started last week that I signed up for (already behind—such a deal!), and two other courses for early September. What’s that you say? That the first two weeks of September are the busiest time of my working year, and that this year promises truly epic expansion of that? Well, true, but… I’ll cross that bridge in September.

I know better than to go on the site. I know that I find their course catalog addictive. Since this time last year, I’ve taken courses on Intro to Guitar; Social Psychology; Creativity, Innovation, and Change; Beethoven’s Sonata’s; the Music of the Beatles; Moralities of Everyday Life; Content Strategy; and Dan Ariely’s A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior. And those are just the classes I finished. I’ve probably had to make tough decisions and drop at least six more courses on topics like philosophy, leadership, and organizational strategy. I love learning new things. I love digging into things. I can’t believe I get lucky enough to take free classes from thinkers like Ariely and Yale’s Paul Bloom, or listen to world-renowned concert pianist Jonathan Biss, talking about and playing Beethoven’s pieces. And on the days and nights that I spend scrambling to finish the reading, complete an assignment, or finish a quiz/exam, I can’t believe that I’m making myself crazy to take free classes that have no market value and that are not part of my academic record.

I just can’t help myself. And if I know Coursera, I’ve spread this addiction to anyone who clicked on the links above.


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