All of Summer in a Day

It’s a gorgeous day—I think the first day we’ve broken 90 degrees, and thanks to an early morning breakfast meeting, I got out in time to enjoy it. This is a very dangerous thing. The list of things I want to do with my freedom for the day:

  • I want to bike, maybe to the gym, and/or to get ice cream
  • I need to go to the gym
  • I had to drop off/pick up some things with a friend who’s leaving town for a bit
  • I want to hit the pool
  • Seems like a good night for a movie
  • I want to do some things that I didn’t get to on Memorial Day, when my inner do-gooder hijacked me, including house cleaning, laundry, and clutter-busting
  • I want to make myself a nice meal with some of the produce that I need to use or lose (what does one make with green beans, fava beans, English peas and maybe broccolini, which is brand new but tantalizing? Guess I’ll think about it on the bike ride. Or maybe in the pool.)
  • I have a crocheting project that I’m working on
  • I have a do-gooder sewing project to finish
  • All I have in the house is dark winter beer, and I don’t drink dark beer and have been craving seasonal hard cider, which means a trip to the liquor store

Considering that I only got out 90 minutes earlier than usual, I think my eyes are bigger than the daylight left before my even earlier wake up call tomorrow. But there are thundershowers in the forecast for tomorrow and all weekend. It’s hard to remember that we’re entering a season of beautiful weather, and I’ll have some chances to enjoy it.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be biking in the pool with some ice cream and my crocheting, while the laundry is in the dryer.


2 thoughts on “All of Summer in a Day

  1. So, five out of ten isn’t bad. And I made several dishes for dinner— a puree of peas, fava beans with olive oil, sweet onion, and Parmesan that I served on rosemary water crackers. I had this idea it would be like baby food and therefore inedible (to me). Instead, it’s awesome. Delicious. Fresh, and entirely unlike hummus, which was what I was expecting if it wasn’t like baby food. And green bean salad. And ground chicken with pickled collards (and a full bunch of fresh collards, to spread out the very strong pickled flavor.) But I didn’t eat dinner until 10 p.m. (which is going to go so well with my 5:45 a.m. wakeup call.) And I can heartily recommend Angry Orchard’s seasonal Elderflower cider. Completely delicious. Not too sweet, subtly herb-tinged.

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